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+ NEW Knife Photo Editing Service

What’s the new service?

Skip the shipping, wait, worry, and hassle of sending your knives to the studio and just send your own knife photos for me to turn into professional knife photos that get sent to magazines and social media all over!  

Smartphone photos work just fine, you don’t have to take good photos for this to work.  Just check out the before and after photos to see for yourself.

Read the info below to help you send photos.

+ Pricing

Click HERE for more examples of single, double, triple, and other images so you can see what can be done and give you some ideas. Also note that I can edit photos of axes/tomahawks, razors, and other similar pieces.

Included in all the above packages is the full size image to use however you like, submission to several publications that you can read about below, and posting to my own social media.


Standard size 8x10 inch prints are $15 USD each shipped within the United States.  International shipping isn’t available at this time.

Message me if you need a custom size print.

+ Taking Photos

File types


The best file type to set your camera/phone to are called RAW files sometimes called DNG, NEF, CR2, or ARW depending on the camera you have.  For phones it’s usually called DNG or .dng


JPG (or .jpeg or .jpg) is your typical file that your camera/phone is probably already set to.  If you have no idea what a RAW file is or how to set your camera/phone to RAW then don’t worry about it.  JPG will work just fine. Most of the photos I’ve edited were JPG.


Single/main full knife angle

For the single angle images that I do most of the time have the camera not straight above the knife but angle it slightly down and slightly to the right (or left depending on which side of the knife you’re photographing).  See the single angle example photos HERE and notice how you can see a little bit of the front of the guard where it meets the blade (but not too much) and you can see the underside on the frame handle knife for example.

Try different angles and send all of the photos so I can pick the best.

Side/extra angles for double and triple angle images

The extra angles of the knife included in double and triple angle images can be very different depending on the knife and what parts of the knife you want to highlight.  Try to copy some of the images HERE to help you with your angles. Try and get most of the image in focus but especially try and get the area you’d like to highlight in focus. 

Try a few different angles and send all of the photos so I can pick the best.


Single/main full knife angle framing:

When photographing the single/main full knife that we talked about above make sure to get as close to the knife with the camera/phone as you can without cutting/cropping the knife off.  Sometimes by getting close to the knife you block some good lighting or maybe the camera/phone won’t focus that close. In those kinds of cases just get as close as you can without sacrificing too much good light or whatever it may be. 

Framing other angles for double and triple angle images:

When framing the extra angles of the knife you see in the double and triple angle images it’s not always best to get too close but too far can be a problem too so try and copy some of the side angle images you can see HERE but give them a little extra space for me to work with. When in doubt just take a bunch of photos with all different framing and send them.


Try and get even lighting without too many areas that are pure black dark or pure white light but a little here and there is fine.  

Try and get a bunch of different photos with different lighting and send them all.

+ Before and after examples

Click HERE to see several before and after photos so you have an idea of what others have sent in and the final results.

+ Sending Photos

What photos to send

Send as many photos as you can.  The more photos I have to work with the better.  I like to have many options to choose from and to use in the final image.

Send original photos

Photos have to be sent without getting resized so make sure to send the original, unedited photos/files.  

+ How to send photos

  1. Go to the CONTACT page.

  2. Fill out the form (don’t hit SUBMIT yet).

  3. Hit the UPLOAD button and upload your photos

  4. Return to the CONTACT page/tab and now hit SUBMIT

  5. Wait for my reply usually within one or two business days.

+ Wait Time

Generally it takes about 2 weeks to complete an order once payment is received and the order is locked in and put in the calendar but it may be a shorter or longer wait depending on the amount of orders coming in.  I will give you an approximate wait time when you start your order. Feel free to ask about current wait time before ordering as well. If you need something done fast I may be able to fit it in so don't hesitate to ask.

+ Payment

Once I confirm that the images sent to me will work you can send payment to lock in your order and make it official.  I will let you know the total cost then you can send payment with PayPal to caleb@calebroyer.com.  If you don’t have PayPal just let me know and we’ll use another payment method.

+ Publishing

Images are sent to several publications.  They include:

  • Blade Magazine

  • Knives Illustrated

  • Knife Magazine

  • Knives Annual

  • ABS Journal

  • French publication

  • Chinese publication

I also post to my three social media channels with over 30,000 followers combined:

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Pinterest

+ Disclaimer

If there are nude or very immodest figures/people on a knife or sheath I will not photograph it.  If you are unsure if something falls under this category then please contact me and I will work with you.  Thanks very much!